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Apr-12-2014Austin KCAustinTX
Apr-06-2014San Jacinto KCCrosbyTX
Apr-05-2014San Jacinto KCCrosbyTX
Mar-30-2014Brazos Valley KCNavasotaTX
Mar-29-2014Brazos Valley KCNavasotaTX
Mar-23-2014Fort Worth KCFort WorthTX
Mar-22-2014Fort Worth KCFort Worth TX
Mar-16-2014Galveston County KCHoustonTX
Mar-15-2014Houston KCHoustonTX
Mar-09-2014San Antonio KCSan AntonioTX
Mar-08-2014San Antonio KCSan AntonioTX
Mar-07-2014KC of Greater VictoriaSan Antonio TX
Mar-06-2014KC Of Greater VictoriaSan Antonio TX
Mar-02-2014Faith City Kennel Club Of Wichita FallsWichita Falls TX
Mar-01-2014Faith City Kennel Club Of Wichita Falls Wichita Falls TX
Feb-09-2014West Texas KCMidlandTX
Feb-08-2014West Texas KCMidlandTX
Jan-19-2014Fort Bend KCRosenbergTX
Jan-18-2014Fort Bend KCRosenbergTX
Jan-12-2014Corpus Christi KCSintonTX
Jan-11-2014Corpus Christi KCSintonTX
Jan-05-2014Nolan River KCGlen RoseTX
Jan-04-2014Nolan River KCGlen RoseTX
Dec-08-2013Texas KCDallasTX
Dec-07-2013Greater Collin KCDallasTX
Dec-06-2013Trinity Valley KCDallasTX
Dec-01-2013Conroe KCConroeTX
Nov-30-2013Conroe KCConroeTX
Nov-17-2013Brazoria KCHumbleTX
Nov-16-2013Brazoria KCHumbleTX
Nov-10-2013Cypress Creek KC Of TexasHoustonTX
Nov-09-2013Cypress Creek KC Of TexasHoustonTX
Nov-03-2013Concho KCSan AngeloTX
Nov-02-2013Concho KCSan AngeloTX
Nov-02-2013Beaumont KCBeaumontTX
Oct-27-2013Travis County KCAustinTX
Oct-26-2013Travis County KCAustinTX
Oct-25-2013Cen-Tex KCAustinTX
Oct-24-2013Cen-Tex KCAustinTX
Oct-20-2013Bell County KC BeltonTX
Oct-19-2013Bell County KC BeltonTX
Oct-18-2013Stephenville KCBeltonTX
Oct-17-2013Stephenville KCBeltonTX
Oct-13-2013Tyler Texas KCCanton TX
Oct-12-2013Tyler Texas KCCantonTX
Oct-06-2013Greater Humble Area KCHumbleTX
Oct-05-2013Greater Humble Area KCHumbleTX
Sep-29-2013Heart Of The Plains KCLubbockTX
Sep-28-2013Heart Of The Plains KCLubbockTX
Sep-27-2013Heart Of The Plains KCLubbockTX
Sep-15-2013Panhandle KCAmarilloTX
Sep-14-2013Panhandle KCAmarilloTX
Sep-13-2013Panhandle KCAmarilloTX
Sep-12-2013Panhandle KCAmarilloTX
Jul-28-2013Longview KCLongviewTX
Jul-27-2013Longview KCLongviewTX
Jul-07-2013Trinity Valley KCDallasTXSubmit Results
Jul-06-2013Texas KCDallasTXSubmit Results
Jul-05-2013Greater Collin KCDallasTXSubmit Results
May-19-2013Abilene KC (3)AbileneTX
May-18-2013Abilene KC (2)AbileneTX
May-17-2013Abilene KCAbileneTX
May-12-2013Denton KC (2)DentonTX
May-11-2013Denton KCDentonTX
May-05-2013Caddo KC Of TexasMarshallTX
May-04-2013Caddo KC Of TexasMarshallTX
Apr-28-2013Baytown KC (2)CrosbyTX
Apr-27-2013Baytown KCCrosbyTX
Apr-14-2013Austin KC (2)AustinTX
Apr-13-2013Austin KCAustinTX
Apr-07-2013San Jacinto KC (2)CrosbyTX
Apr-07-2013Big Spring KC (2)Big SpringTX
Apr-06-2013San Jacinto KCCrosbyTX
Apr-06-2013Big Spring KCBig SpringTX
Mar-31-2013Brazos Valley KC (2)NavasotaTX
Mar-30-2013Brazos Valley KCNavasotaTX
Mar-24-2013Fort Worth KC (2)Fort WorthTX
Mar-23-2013Fort Worth KCFort WorthTX
Mar-17-2013Galveston County KCHouston TX
Mar-16-2013Houston KCHouston TX
Mar-10-2013San Antonio KC (2)San AntonioTX
Mar-09-2013San Antonio KCSan AntonioTX
Mar-08-2013KC Of Greater Victoria (2)San AntonioTX
Mar-07-2013KC Of Greater VictoriaSan AntonioTX
Mar-03-2013Faith City KC Of Wichita Falls (2)Wichita FallsTX
Mar-02-2013Faith City KC Of Wichita FallsWichita FallsTX
Feb-17-2013Guadalupe Valley Dog Fanciers (2)San MarcosTX
Feb-16-2013Guadalupe Valley Dog FanciersSan MarcosTX
Feb-10-2013West Texas KC (2)MidlandTX
Feb-09-2013West Texas KCMidlandTX
Jan-20-2013Fort Bend KC (2)RosenbergTX
Jan-19-2013Fort Bend KCRosenbergTX
Jan-13-2013Corpus Christi KC (2)SintonTX
Jan-12-2013Corpus Christi KCSintonTX
Jan-06-2013Nolan River KC (2)Glen RoseTX
Jan-05-2013Nolan River KCGlen RoseTX
Dec-09-2012Greater Collin KCDallasTX
Dec-08-2012Trinity Valley KCDallasTX
Dec-07-2012Texas KCDallasTX
Dec-02-2012Conroe KC (2)ConroeTX
Dec-01-2012Conroe KCConroeTX
Nov-25-2012Cen-Tex KC (2)AlvaradoTX
Nov-24-2012Cen-Tex KCAlvaradoTX
Nov-18-2012Brazoria KC (2)HumbleTX
Nov-17-2012Brazoria KCHumbleTX
Nov-11-2012Cypress Creek KC of Texas (2)HoustonTX
Nov-10-2012Cypress Creek KC of TexasHoustonTX
Nov-04-2012Concho KC (2)San AngeloTX
Nov-03-2012Concho KCSan AngeloTX
Oct-28-2012Travis County KCAustinTX
Oct-27-2012Travis CountyAustinTX
Oct-21-2012Bell County KCBeltonTX
Oct-20-2012Bell County KCBeltonTX
Oct-19-2012Stephenville KC of TexasBeltonTX
Oct-18-2012Stephenville KC of TexasBeltonTX
Oct-14-2012Tyler Texas KCCantonTX
Oct-13-2012Tyler Texas Kennel ClubCantonTX
Oct-07-2012Greater Humble Area KC (2)HumbleTX
Oct-06-2012Greater Humble Area KCHumble TX
Oct-02-2012Travis County KCAustinTXSubmit Results
Sep-30-2012Heart of Plains KC (3)LubbockTX
Sep-29-2012Heart of Plains KC (2)LubbockTX
Sep-28-2012Heart of Plains KCLubbockTX
Sep-16-2012Panhandle KC of Texas (4)AmarilloTX
Sep-15-2012Panhandle KC of Texas (3)AmarilloTX
Sep-14-2012Panhandle KC of Texas (2)AmarilloTX
Sep-13-2012Panhandle KC of TexasAmarilloTX
Jul-29-2012Longview KCLongviewTXSubmit Results
Jul-28-2012Longview KCLongviewTX
Jul-22-2012Galveston County KCHoustonTX
Jul-21-2012Beaumont KCHoustonTX
Jul-20-2012Houston KCHoustonTX
Jul-15-2012Bexar County KCSan AntonioTX
Jul-14-2012Comal County KC (2)San AntonioTX
Jul-13-2012Bexar County KCSan AntonioTX
Jul-12-2012Comal County KCSan AntonioTX
Jul-08-2012Texas KCDallasTX
Jul-07-2012Greater Collin KCDallasTX
Jul-06-2012Trinity Vally KCDallasTX
May-20-2012Abilene (3)AbileneTX
May-19-2012Abilene KC (2)AbileneTX
May-18-2012Abilene KCAbileneTX
May-13-2012Denton KCDentonTX
May-12-2012Denton KCDentonTX
May-06-2012Caddo KC of Texas (2)MarshallTX
May-06-2012Big Spring KC (2)Big SpringTX
May-05-2012Caddo KC of TexasMarshallTX
May-05-2012Big Spring KCBig Spring TX
Apr-28-2012Baytown KC (2)CrosbyTX
Apr-27-2012Baytown KCCrosbyTX
Apr-15-2012Austin KC (2)AustinTX
Apr-14-2012Austin KCAustinTX
Apr-08-2012San Jacinto KC (2)CrosbyTX
Apr-07-2012San Jacinto KCCrosbyTX
Apr-01-2012Brazos Valley KC (2)NavasotaTX
Mar-31-2012Brazos Valley KCNavasotaTX
Mar-25-2012Fort Worth KC (2)Fort WorthTX
Mar-24-2012Fort Worth KCFort WorthTX
Mar-18-2012Galveston County KCHoustonTX
Mar-17-2012Houston KCHoustonTX
Mar-11-2012San Antonio KC (2)San AntonioTX
Mar-10-2012San Antonio KCSan AntonioTX
Mar-09-2012KC of Greater Victoria, Inc. (2)San AntonioTX
Mar-08-2012KC of Greater Victoria, Inc.San AntonioTX
Mar-04-2012Faith City KC of Wichita Falls (2)Wichita FallsTX
Mar-03-2012Faith City KC of Wichita FallsWichita FallsTX
Feb-19-2012Guadalupe Valley DF (2)San MarcoTX
Feb-18-2012Guadalupe Valley DFSan MarcosTX
Feb-12-2012West Texas KC (2)MidlandTX
Feb-11-2012West Texas KCMidlandTX
Jan-22-2012Fort Bend KC (2)RosenbergTX
Jan-21-2012Fort Bend KCRosenbergTX
Jan-15-2012Corpus Christi KC (2)SintonTX
Jan-14-2012Corpus Christi KCSintonTX
Jan-08-2012Nolan River KC (2)Glen RoseTX
Jan-07-2012Nolan River KCGlen RoseTX