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Sep-22-2013Helena Montana KCHelenaMT
Sep-21-2013Helena Montana KCHelenaMT
Sep-20-2013Gallatin Dog ClubHelenaMT
Sep-19-2013Gallatin Dog ClubHelenaMT
Jun-25-2013Five Valley KC (3)MissoulaMT
Jun-24-2013Five Valley KC (2)MissoulaMT
Jun-23-2013Five Valley KCMissoulaMT
Jun-22-2013Electric City KC (2)Great FallsMT
Jun-21-2013Electric City KCGreat FallsMT
Jun-20-2013Yellowstone Valley KC (3)BillingsMT
Jun-19-2013Yellowstone Valley KC (2)BillingsMT
Jun-18-2013Yellowstone Valley KCBillingsMT
Sep-23-2012Helena Montana KC (2)HelenaMT
Sep-22-2012Helena Montana KCHelenaMT
Sep-21-2012Gallatin Dog Club (2)HelenaMT
Sep-20-2012Gallatin Dog ClubHelenaMT
Jun-26-2012Five Valley KC (3)MissoulaMT
Jun-25-2012Five Valley KC (2)MissoulaMT
Jun-24-2012Five Valley KCMissoulaMT
Jun-23-2012Electric City KC (2)Great FallsMT
Jun-22-2012Electric City KCGreat FallsMT
Jun-21-2012Yellowstone Valley KC (3)BillingsMT
Jun-20-2012Yellowstone Valley KC (2)BillingsMT
Jun-19-2012Yellowstone Valley KCBillingsMT