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Mar-16-2014Heart of America KCKansas City MO
Mar-15-2014Heart Of America KCKansas CityMO
Mar-14-2014Leavenworth KCKansas City MO
Mar-13-2014Leavenworth KCKansas City MO
Mar-09-2014Columbia Missouri KCColumbiaMO
Mar-08-2014Columbia Missouri KCColumbiaMO
Mar-01-2014Belle-City KCGray Summit MOSubmit Results
Feb-02-2014St. Joseph KCSt JosephMO
Feb-01-2014St. Joseph KCSt Joseph MO
Jan-26-2014St. Charles missouri KCLake St LouisMO
Jan-25-2014St. Charles missouri KCLake St LouisMO
Nov-10-2013Ozarks KCSpringfieldMO
Nov-09-2013Ozarks KCSpringfieldMO
Nov-03-2013Tri-State KCJoplinMO
Nov-02-2013Tri-State KCJoplinMO
Sep-22-2013Jefferson County KCGray SummitMO
Sep-21-2013Spirit Of The Heartland KCGray SummitMO
Sep-15-2013Three Rivers KCGray SummitMOSubmit Results
Sep-14-2013Three Rivers KCGray SummitMOSubmit Results
Sep-01-2013St Louis Dog Breeders AssociationGray Summit MO
Aug-31-2013St. Louis Dog Breeders AssociationGray Summit MO
Jul-07-2013Sedalia KCSedaliaMOSubmit Results
Jul-06-2013Jefferson City Missouri KCSedaliaMOSubmit Results
Jul-05-2013Jefferson City Missouri KCSedaliaMOSubmit Results
Jun-16-2013Rolla Missouri KC (2)Gray SummitMO
Jun-15-2013Rolla Missouri KCGray SummitMO
Jun-03-2013Misouri Rhineland KC (2)Gray SummitMO
Jun-02-2013Missouri Rhineland KCGray SummitMO
Jun-01-2013Mississippi Valley KC (2)Gray SummitMO
May-31-2013Mississippi Valley KCGray SummitMO
May-05-2013Jefferson County KC Of MissouriGray SummitMO
May-04-2013Spirit Of The Heartland KCGray SummitMO
Mar-17-2013Heart Of America KC (2)Kansas CityMO
Mar-16-2013Heart Of America KCKansas CityMO
Mar-15-2013Leavenworth KC (2)Kansas CityMO
Mar-14-2013Leavenworth KCKansas CityMO
Mar-10-2013Columbia Missouri KC (2)ColumbiaMO
Mar-09-2013Columbia Missouri KCColumbiaMO
Mar-03-2013Belle-city KC (2)Gray SummitMO
Mar-02-2013Belle-City KCGray SummitMO
Feb-03-2013St. Joseph KC (2)St JosephMO
Feb-02-2013St. Joseph KCSt JosephMO
Jan-27-2013St. Charles Missouri KC (2)Lake St LouisMO
Jan-26-2013St. Charles Missouri KCLake St LouisMO
Nov-11-2012Ozarks KC (2)SpringfieldMO
Nov-10-2012Ozarks KCSpringfieldMO
Nov-04-2012Tri-State KC (2)JoplinMO
Nov-03-2012Tri-State KCJoplinMO
Sep-23-2012Jefferson County KC of MissouriGray SummitMO
Sep-22-2012Spirit Of The Heartland KCGray SummitMO
Sep-16-2012Three Rivers KC of Missouri (2)Gray SummitMO
Sep-15-2012Three Rivers KC of MissouriGray SummitMO
Jul-08-2012Sedalia KCSedaliaMO
Jul-07-2012Jefferson City Missouri KC (2)SedaliaMO
Jul-06-2012Jefferson City Missouri KCSedaliaMO
Jun-17-2012Rolla Missouri KCGray SummitMO
Jun-16-2012Rolla Missouri KCGray SummitMO
Jun-04-2012Missippi Valley KC (2)Gray SummitMO
Jun-03-2012Missippi Valley KC Gray SummitMO
Jun-02-2012Missouri Rhineland KCGray SummitMO
Jun-01-2012Missouri Rhineland KCGray SummitMO
May-06-2012Jefferson County KC of MissouriGray SummitMO
May-05-2012Spirit of the Heartland KCGray SummitMO
May-04-2012St. Louis Dog Breeders AssociationGray SummitMO
Mar-18-2012Heart Of America KC (2)Kansas CityMO
Mar-17-2012Heart Of America KCKansas CityMO
Mar-16-2012Leavenworth KC (2)Kansas CityMO
Mar-15-2012Leavenworth KCKansas CityMO
Mar-11-2012Columbia Missouri KC (2)ColumbiaMO
Mar-10-2012Columbia Missouri KCColumbiaMO
Mar-04-2012Belle-City KC (2)Gray SummitMOSubmit Results
Mar-03-2012Belle-City KCGray SummitMO
Feb-05-2012St. Joseph KC (2)St JosephMO
Feb-04-2012St. Joseph KCSt JosephMO
Jan-29-2012St. Charles Missouri KC (2)Lake St LouisMO
Jan-28-2012St. Charles Missouri KCLake St LouisMO