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Apr-07-2014Wichita KCValley CenterKS
Apr-06-2014Salina KCValley CenterKS
Apr-05-2014Hutchinson KCValley CenterKS
Apr-04-2014Wichita KCValley Center KS
Mar-09-2014Garden City Kansas KCGarden CityKS
Mar-08-2014Garden City Kansas KCGarden CityKS
Mar-07-2014Garden City Kansas KCGarden CityKS
Oct-13-2013Lawrence Jayhawk KCLawrenceKSSubmit Results
Oct-12-2013Lawrence Jayhawk KCLawrenceKSSubmit Results
Aug-25-2013Manhattan Kansas KCTopekaKS
Aug-24-2013Topeka KCTopekaKS
Aug-23-2013Manhattan Kansas KCTopekaKS
Aug-22-2013Topeka KCTopekaKS
Aug-19-2013Jesse James KCTopekaKS
Aug-18-2013Greater Emporia KCTopekaKS
Aug-17-2013Jesse James KCTopekaKS
Aug-16-2013Greater Emporia KCTopekaKS
May-12-2013Sunflower KC Of OlatheTopekaKS
May-11-2013Sunflower KC Of OlatheTopekaKS
Apr-08-2013Wichita KC (2)Valley CenterKS
Apr-07-2013Wichita KCValley CenterKS
Apr-06-2013Salina KCValley CenterKS
Apr-05-2013Hutchinson KCValley CenterKS
Mar-10-2013Garden City Kansas KC (3)Garden CityKS
Mar-09-2013Garden City Kansas KC (2)Garden CityKS
Mar-08-2013Garden City Kansas KCGarden CityKS
Oct-14-2012Lawrence Jayhawk KCLawrenceKS
Oct-13-2012Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel ClubLawrenceKS
Aug-26-2012Topeka KCTopekaKS
Aug-25-2012Manhattan Kansas KCTopekaKS
Aug-24-2012Topeka KCTopekaKS
Aug-23-2012Manhattan Kansas KCTopekaKS
Aug-20-2012Greater Emporia KC (2)TopekaKS
Aug-19-2012Jesse James KC (2)TopekaKS
Aug-18-2012Greater Emporia KCTopekaKS
Aug-17-2012Jesse James KCTopekaKS
May-13-2012Sunflower KC of Olathe, Kansas (2)TopekaKS
May-12-2012Sunflower KC of Olathe, KansasTopekaKS
Apr-09-2012Wichita KCValley CenterKS
Apr-08-2012Hutchinson KCValley CenterKS
Apr-07-2012Wichita KCValley CenterKS
Apr-06-2012Salina KCValley CenterKS
Mar-11-2012Garden City Kansas KC (3)Garden CityKS
Mar-10-2012Garden City Kansas KC (2)Garden CityKS
Mar-09-2012Garden City Kansas KCGarden CityKS