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Apr-21-2014Lewis-Clark KCLewistonID
Apr-20-2014Lewis-Clark KCLewistonID
Apr-19-2014Palouse Hills Dog FanciersLewistonID
Apr-18-2014Palouse Hills Dog FanciersLewistonID
Oct-13-2013Idaho Capital City KCBoiseID
Oct-12-2013Idaho Capital City KCBoiseID
Oct-11-2013Lizard Butte KCBoiseID
Oct-10-2013Lizard Butte KCBoiseID
Jun-16-2013Pocatello KC (2)BlackfootID
Jun-15-2013Pocatello KCBlackfootID
Jun-14-2013Eagle Rock KC (2)BlackfootID
Jun-13-2013Eagle Rock KCBlackfootID
Jun-12-2013Snake River Canyon KC Of Idaho (2)FilerID
Jun-11-2013Snake River Canyon KC Of IdahoFilerID
May-28-2013Coeur D'Alene DF (2)Coeur D'AleneID
May-27-2013Coeur D'Alene DFCoeur D'AleneID
Apr-22-2013Lewis-Clark KC (2)LewistonID
Apr-21-2013Lewis-Clark KCLewistonID
Apr-20-2013Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers (2)LewistonID
Apr-19-2013Palouse Hills Dog FanciersLewistonID
Oct-14-2012Lizard Butte KCBoiseID
Oct-13-2012Lizard Butte Kennel ClubBoiseID
Oct-12-2012Idaho Capital City KC (2)BoiseID
Oct-11-2012Idaho Capital City KCBoiseID
Jul-15-2012Inland Empire KA (2)Coeur D'AleneID
Jul-14-2012Inland Empire KACoeur D'AleneID
Jun-17-2012Eagle Rock KCBlackfootID
Jun-16-2012Eagle Rock KCBlackfootID
Jun-15-2012Pocatello KC (2)BlackfootID
Jun-14-2012Pocatello KCBlackfootID
Jun-13-2012Snake River Canyon KC (2)FilerID
Jun-12-2012Snake River Canyon KCFilerID
May-29-2012Coeur D'Alene DF (2)Coeur D'AleneID
May-28-2012Coeur D'Alene DFCoeur D'AleneID
Apr-23-2012Lewis-Clark KC (2)LewistonID
Apr-22-2012Lewis-Clark KCLewistonID
Apr-21-2012Palouse Hills DF (2)LewistonID
Apr-20-2012Palouse Hills DFLewistonID