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Mar-30-2014Clinton Iowa KCDe WittIA
Mar-29-2014Clinton Iowa KCDe Witt IA
Feb-16-2014Cyclone Country KC Of AmesDes MoinesIA
Feb-15-2014Cyclone Country KC Of AmesDes MoinesIA
Jan-19-2014Central Iowa KCDes MoinesIA
Jan-18-2014Central Iowa KCDes Moines IA
Oct-13-2013Mason City KCMason CityIA
Oct-12-2013Mason City KCMason CityIA
Sep-08-2013Des Moines KCDes MoinesIA
Sep-07-2013Des Moines KCDes Moines IA
Sep-02-2013Cedar Rapids KA AmanaIA
Sep-01-2013Cedar Rapids KAAmanaIA
Aug-31-2013Tri City KCAmanaIA
Aug-30-2013Tri City KCAmanaIA
Aug-04-2013Burlington KCWest BurlingtonIA
Aug-03-2013Burlington KCWest BurlingtonIA
Jun-23-2013Hawkeye KC (2)Iowa CityIA
Jun-22-2013Hawkeye KCIowa CityIA
Jun-16-2013Fort Dodge KC (2)Fort DodgeIA
Jun-15-2013Fort Dodge KCFort DodgeIASubmit Results
May-12-2013Scott County KC (2)BettendorfIA
May-11-2013Scott County KCBettendorfIA
Apr-28-2013Heart Of Iowa KC (2)MarshalltownIA
Apr-27-2013Heart Of Iowa KCMarshalltownIA
Apr-20-2013Waterloo KCWaterlooIA
Mar-31-2013Clinton Iowa KC (2)De WittIA
Mar-30-2013Clinton Iowa KCDe WittIA
Feb-17-2013Cyclone Country KC Of Ames (2)Des MoinesIA
Feb-16-2013Cyclone Country KC Of AmesDes MoinesIA
Jan-20-2013Central Iowa KC (2)Des MoinesIA
Jan-19-2013Central Iowa KCDes MoinesIA
Oct-14-2012Mason City KCMason CityIA
Oct-13-2012Mason City Kennel Club Mason CityIA
Sep-09-2012Des Moines KC (2)Des MoinesIA
Sep-08-2012Des Moines KCDes MoinesIA
Sep-03-2012Cedar Rapids KA (2)AmanaIA
Sep-02-2012Cedar Rapids KAAmanaIA
Sep-01-2012Tri-City KC (2)AmanaIA
Aug-31-2012Tri-City KCAmanaIA
Aug-05-2012Burlington KC (2)West BurlingtonIA
Aug-04-2012Burlington KCWest BurlingtonIA
Aug-03-2012Southeastern Iowa KCWest BurlingtonIA
Jun-24-2012Hawkeye KC (2)Iowa CityIA
Jun-23-2012Hawkeye KCIowa CityIA
Jun-17-2012Fort Dodge KCFort DodgeIA
Jun-16-2012Fort Dodge KCFort DodgeIA
Apr-29-2012Heart of Iowa KC (2)MarshalltownIA
Apr-28-2012Heart of Iowa KCMarshalltownIA
Apr-22-2012Waterloo KC (2)WaterlooIA
Apr-21-2012Waterloo KCWaterlooIA
Apr-01-2012Clinton Iowa KC (2)De WittIA
Mar-31-2012Clinton Iowa KCDe WittIA
Mar-25-2012Dubuque KC (2)DubuqueIA
Mar-24-2012Dubuque KCDubuqueIA
Feb-19-2012Cyclone Country KC Of Ames (2)Des MoinesIA
Feb-18-2012Cyclone Country KC Of AmesDes MoinesIA
Jan-22-2012Central Iowa KC (2)Des MoinesIA
Jan-21-2012Central Iowa KCDes MoinesIA