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Apr-13-2014Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers AssociationKaneoheHI
Apr-12-2014Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers AssociationKaneoheHI
Mar-02-2014Hawaiian KCHonoluluHI
Mar-01-2014Hawaiian KCHonoluluHI
Feb-17-2014Orchid Island Dog Fancier ClubHiloHISubmit Results
Feb-16-2014Orchid Island Dog Fancier ClubHiloHISubmit Results
Feb-15-2014Orchid Island Dog Fancier ClubHiloHISubmit Results
Jan-19-2014West Oahu KCEwaHI
Jan-18-2014West Oahu KCEwaHI
Oct-06-2013Kona Coast KCHiloHISubmit Results
Oct-05-2013Orchid Island Dog Fancier ClubHiloHISubmit Results
Sep-02-2013Valley Isle KCHonoluluHI
Sep-01-2013Hawaiian KCHonoluluHI
Aug-31-2013Hawaiian KCHonoluluHI
Aug-18-2013West Oahu KCEwaHI
Aug-17-2013West Oahu KCEwaHI
Apr-28-2013Valley Isle KC Of Maui (2)KiheiHI
Apr-27-2013Valley Isle KC Of MauiKiheiHI
Apr-14-2013Windward Hawaiian DFA (2)KaneoheHI
Apr-13-2013Windward Hawaiian DFAKaneoheHI
Mar-03-2013Hawaiian KC (2)HonoluluHI
Mar-02-2013Hawaiian KCHonoluluHI
Feb-18-2013Orchid Island DFA (3)HiloHISubmit Results
Feb-17-2013Orchid Island DFA (2)HiloHISubmit Results
Feb-16-2013Orchid Island DFAHiloHISubmit Results
Jan-20-2013West Oahu KC (2)EwaHI
Jan-19-2013West Oahu KCEwaHI
Oct-08-2012Kona Coast KCHiloHISubmit Results
Oct-07-2012Kona Coast KCHiloHISubmit Results
Oct-06-2012Orchid Island DFCHiloHISubmit Results
Sep-30-2012Windward Hawaiian DFA (2)KaneoheHI
Sep-29-2012Windward Hawaiian DFAKaneoheHI
Sep-03-2012Valley Isle KC of MauiHonoluluHI
Sep-02-2012Hawaiian KC (2)HonoluluHI
Sep-01-2012Hawaiian KCHonoluluHI
Aug-19-2012West Oahu KC (2)EwaHI
Aug-18-2012West Oahu KCEwaHI
Apr-29-2012Valley Isle KC of Maui (2)KiheiHI
Apr-28-2012Valley Isle KC of MauiKiheiHI
Apr-15-2012Windward Hawaiian DFA (2)KaneoheHI
Apr-14-2012Windward Hawaiian DFAKaneoheHI
Mar-04-2012Hawaiian KC (2)HonoluluHI
Mar-03-2012Hawaiian KCHonoluluHI
Feb-20-2012Orchid Island DFC (2)HiloHI
Feb-19-2012Orchid Island DF Club (2)HiloHI
Feb-18-2012Orchid Island DFCHiloHI
Jan-22-2012West Oahu KC (2)EwaHI
Jan-21-2012West Oahu KCEwaHI