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Apr-20-2014Heartland DC of FloridaZolfo SpringsFL
Apr-19-2014Heartland DC of FloridaZolfo SpringsFL
Apr-06-2014Greater Orange Park DCElktonFL
Apr-05-2014Greater Orange Park DCElktonFL
Mar-16-2014Fort Lauderdale Dog ClubDavieFL
Mar-15-2014Fort Lauderdale Dog ClubDavieFL
Mar-09-2014Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers AssociationWest Palm BeachFL
Mar-08-2014Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers AssociationWest Palm Beach FL
Mar-02-2014Pensacola Dog Fanciers AssociationPensacolaFL
Mar-01-2014Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association PensacolaFL
Feb-23-2014Ochlockonee River KC Of FloridaTallahasseeFL
Feb-22-2014Ochlockonee River KC Of FloridaTallahasseeFL
Feb-21-2014Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers AssociationTallahasseeFL
Feb-20-2014Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers AssociationTallahasseeFL
Feb-17-2014Lakeland Winter Haven KCLakelandFL
Feb-16-2014Lakeland Winter Haven KCLakelandFL
Feb-15-2014Sara Bay KCLakelandFL
Feb-14-2014Sara Bay KCLakeland FL
Jan-26-2014Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL
Jan-25-2014Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL
Jan-24-2014Lake Eustis KCOcalaFL
Jan-23-2014Lake Eustis KCOcalaFL
Jan-19-2014Pasco Florida KCBrooksville FL
Jan-18-2014Clearwater KCBrooksville FL
Jan-17-2014Tampa Bay KCBrooksville FL
Jan-16-2014Inverness Florida KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-15-2014Manatee KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-13-2014Pasco Florida KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-12-2014Tampa Bay KC BrooksvilleFL
Jan-11-2014Inverness Florida KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-10-2014Clearwater KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-09-2014Manatee KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-05-2014Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers AssociationDelandFL
Jan-04-2014Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers AssociationDelandFL
Dec-15-2013American KCOrlandoFL
Dec-12-2013Central Florida KCOrlandoFL
Dec-11-2013Brevard KCOrlandoFL
Dec-10-2013Space Coast KC Of Palm BayOrlandoFL
Dec-08-2013Greater Miami Dog ClubMiamiFL
Dec-07-2013Greater Miami Dog ClubMiamiFL
Dec-01-2013South Dade KCDavieFL
Nov-30-2013South Dade KCDavieFL
Nov-24-2013Brandon Florida KCPlant City FL
Nov-23-2013Brandon Florida KCPlant CityFL
Nov-17-2013Greater Ocala Dog ClubOcalaFL
Nov-16-2013Greater Ocala Dog ClubOcalaFL
Nov-15-2013Seminole Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL
Nov-14-2013Seminole Dog Fanciers AssociationOcalaFL
Nov-10-2013Hernando County KCBrooksvilleFL
Nov-09-2013Hernando County KCBrooksvilleFL
Oct-13-2013Greater Venice Florida Dog ClubArcadiaFL
Oct-12-2013Greater Venice Florida Dog ClubArcadiaFL
Oct-11-2013Greater Naples Dog ClubArcadiaFL
Oct-10-2013Greater Naples Dog ClubArcadiaFL
Oct-06-2013Suwannee Valley KCLake CityFL
Oct-05-2013Suwannee Valley KCLake CityFL
Sep-29-2013Jacksonville DFAOcalaFL
Sep-28-2013Jacksonville Dog Fanciers' AssociationOcalaFL
Sep-22-2013West Volusia KCDeland FL
Sep-21-2013West Volusia KCDelandFL
Jun-23-2013Space Coast KC Of Palm BayOrlandoFL
Jun-22-2013Central Florida KC (2)OrlandoFL
Jun-21-2013Brevard KC (2)OrlandoFL
Jun-16-2013St. Petersburg DFA (2)TampaFL
Jun-15-2013St. Petersburg DFATampaFL
Jun-09-2013Boca Raton DC (2)West Palm BeachFL
Jun-08-2013Boca Raton DCWest Palm BeachFL
May-26-2013Greater Fort Myers DC (2)N Fort MyersFL
May-25-2013Greater Fort Myers DCN Fort MyersFl
May-19-2013Inverness Florida KC (2)BrooksvilleFL
May-18-2013Inverness Florida KCBrooksville FL
Apr-28-2013Treasure Coast KC Of Florida (2)Vero BeachFL
Apr-27-2013Treasure Coast KC Of FloridaVero BeachFL
Apr-21-2013Heartland DC Of Florida (2)Zolfo SpringsFL
Apr-20-2013Heartland DC Of FloridaZolfo SpringsFL
Apr-07-2013Greater Orange Park Dog Club (2)ElktonFL
Apr-06-2013Greater Orange Park Dog ClubElktonFL
Mar-17-2013Fort Lauderdale Dog Club (2)DavieFL
Mar-16-2013Fort Lauderdale Dog ClubDavieFL
Mar-10-2013Palm Beach County DFA (2)West Palm BeachFL
Mar-09-2013Palm Beach County DFAWest Palm BeachFL
Mar-03-2013Pensacola DFA (2)PensacolaFL
Mar-02-2013Pensacola DFAPensacolaFL
Mar-01-2013Okaloosa KC (2)Ft Walton BeachFL
Feb-28-2013Okaloosa KCFt. Walton BeachFL
Feb-24-2013Ochlockonee River KC Of Florida (2)TallahasseeFL
Feb-23-2013Ochlockonee River KC Of FloridaTallahasseeFL
Feb-22-2013Greater Panama City DFA (2)TallahasseeFL
Feb-21-2013Greater Panama City DFATallahasseeFL
Feb-18-2013Sara Bay KC (2)LakelandFL
Feb-17-2013Sara Bay KCLakelandFL
Feb-16-2013 Lakeland Winter Haven KCLakelandFL
Feb-15-2013Lakeland Winter Haven KCLakelandFL
Jan-27-2013Greater Gainesville DFA (2)OcalaFL
Jan-26-2013Greater Gainesville DFAOcalaFL
Jan-25-2013Lake Eustis KC (2)OcalaFL
Jan-24-2013Lake Eustis KCOcalaFL
Jan-20-2013Pasco Florida KC (2)OcalaFl
Jan-19-2013Clearwater KC (2)OcalaFL
Jan-18-2013Tampa Bay KC (2)OcalaFL
Jan-15-2013Manatee KC (2)OcalaFL
Jan-14-2013Pasco Florida KCOcalaFL
Jan-13-2013Tampa Bay KCOcalaFl
Jan-12-2013Manatee KCOcalaFL
Jan-11-2013Clearwater KCOcalaFL
Jan-09-2013Manatee KCBrooksville FLSubmit Results
Jan-06-2013Greater Daytona DFA (2)DelandFL
Jan-05-2013Greater Daytona DFADelandFL
Dec-15-2012American KCOrlandoFL
Dec-14-2012Central Florida KCOrlandoFL
Dec-13-2012Brevard KCOrlando FL
Dec-12-2012Space Coast KCOrlandoFL
Dec-09-2012Greater Miami Dog Club (2)MiamiFL
Dec-08-2012Greater Miami Dog ClubMiamiFL
Dec-02-2012South Dade KC (2)DavieFL
Dec-01-2012South Dade KCDavieFL
Nov-25-2012Brandon Florida KC (2)Plant CityFL
Nov-24-2012Brandon Florida KCPlant CityFL
Nov-18-2012Greater Ocala DC (2)OcalaFL
Nov-17-2012Greater Ocala DCOcalaFL
Nov-16-2012Seminole DFA (2)OcalaFL
Nov-15-2012Seminole DFAOcalaFL
Nov-11-2012Hernando County KC (2)BrooksvilleFL
Nov-10-2012Hernando County KCBrooksvilleFL
Oct-14-2012Greater Venice Florida DCArcadiaFL
Oct-13-2012Greater Venice Florida DCArcadiaFL
Oct-12-2012Greater Naples Dog Club (2)ArcadiaFL
Oct-11-2012Greater Naples Dog ClubArcadiaFL
Oct-07-2012Suwanee Valley KC of Florida (2)Lake City FL
Oct-06-2012Suwanee Valley KC of FloridaLake CityFL
Sep-30-2012Jacksonville DFA (2)OcalaFL
Sep-29-2012Jacksonville DFAOcalaFL
Sep-23-2012West Volusia KC (2)DelandFL
Sep-22-2012West Volusia KCDelandFL
Jul-15-2012Jupiter-Tequesta Dog Club (2)West Palm BeachFL
Jul-14-2012Jupiter-Tequesta Dog ClubWest Palm BeachFL
Jun-24-2012Space Coast KC of Palm Bay (2)OrlandoFL
Jun-23-2012Central Florida KCOrlandoFL
Jun-22-2012Brevard KCOrlandoFL
Jun-17-2012St. Petersburg DFAPalmettoFL
Jun-16-2012St. Petersburg DFAPalmettoFL
May-27-2012Greater Fort Myers DC (2)N. Fort MyersFL
May-26-2012Greater Fort Myers DCN Fort MyersFL
Apr-29-2012Treasure Coast KC of Florida (2)Vero BeachFL
Apr-28-2012Treasure Coast KC of FloridaVero BeachFL
Apr-22-2012Heartland Dog Club of Florida (2)SebringFL
Apr-21-2012Heartland Dog Club of FloridaSebringFL
Apr-08-2012Greater Orange Park Dog Club (2)ElktonFL
Apr-07-2012Greater Orange Park Dog ClubElktonFL
Mar-18-2012Fort Lauderdale Dog Club (2)DavieFL
Mar-17-2012Fort Lauderdale Dog ClubDavieFL
Mar-11-2012Palm Beach County DFA (2)West Palm BeachFL
Mar-10-2012Palm Beach County DFAWest Palm BeachFL
Mar-04-2012Pensacola DFA (2)PensacolaFL
Mar-03-2012Pensacola DFAPensacolaFL
Mar-02-2012Okaloosa KC (2)Ft. Walton BeachFL
Mar-01-2012Okaloosa KCFt. Walton BeachFL
Feb-26-2012Ochlockonee River KC of Florida (2)TallahasseeFL
Feb-25-2012Ochlockonee River KC of FloridaTallahasseeFL
Feb-24-2012Greater Panama City DFA (2)TallahasseeFL
Feb-23-2012Greater Panama City DFATallahasseeFL
Feb-20-2012Lakeland Winter Haven KCLakelandFL
Feb-19-2012Lakeland Winter Haven KCLakelandFL
Feb-18-2012Sara Bay KC (2)LakelandFL
Feb-17-2012Sara Bay KCLakelandFL
Jan-29-2012Greater Gainesville DFA (2)OcalaFL
Jan-28-2012Greater Gainesville DFAOcalaFL
Jan-22-2012Pasco Florida KC (2)BrooksvilleFL
Jan-21-2012Clearwater KC (2)BrooksvilleFL
Jan-20-2012Tampa Bay KC (2)BrooksvilleFL
Jan-19-2012Inverness Florida KC (2)BrooksvilleFL
Jan-18-2012Manatee KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-16-2012Pasco Florida KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-15-2012Tampa Bay KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-14-2012Inverness Florida KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-13-2012Clearwater KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-12-2012Manatee KCBrooksvilleFL
Jan-08-2012Greater Daytona DFA (2)Deland FL
Jan-07-2012Greater Daytona DFADelandFL