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Apr-20-2014Angeles Canyon DCCity of Industry CASubmit Results
Apr-20-2014Chief Solano KCVallejoCASubmit Results
Apr-19-2014Chief Solano KCVallejoCASubmit Results
Apr-19-2014Angeles Canyon DCCity of IndustryCASubmit Results
Apr-18-2014Conejo KCCity of Industry CASubmit Results
Apr-17-2014Conejo KCCity of Industry CASubmit Results
Apr-13-2014Sacramento KCSacramentoCA
Apr-12-2014Sacramento KCSacramentoCA
Apr-06-2014Yosemite KCMercedCA
Apr-06-2014Apple Valley KCVictorvilleCA
Apr-05-2014Apple Valley KCVictorvilleCA
Apr-05-2014Yosemite KCMercedCA
Mar-30-2014Kern County KCBakersfieldCA
Mar-29-2014Kern County KCBakersfieldCA
Mar-23-2014Oakland KCVallejoCA
Mar-22-2014Oakland KCVallejoCA
Mar-21-2014San Mateo KCVallejoCA
Mar-20-2014San Mateo KCVallejoCA
Mar-16-2014Del Sur KCValley CenterCA
Mar-15-2014Del Sur KCValley CenterCA
Mar-09-2014Kings KC of CaliforniaHanfordCA
Mar-08-2014Kings KC of CaliforniaHanfordCA
Mar-07-2014Sequoia KCHanfordCA
Mar-06-2014Sequoia KCHanfordCA
Feb-23-2014Silver Bay KC Of San DiegoDel MarCA
Feb-22-2014Silver Bay KC Of San DiegoDel MarCA
Feb-17-2014Santa Clara Valley KC San Jose CA
Feb-16-2014Santa Clara Valley KCSan Jose CA
Feb-02-2014Sun Maid KC Of FresnoFresnoCA
Feb-01-2014Sun Maid KC Of FresnoFresnoCA
Jan-26-2014Orange Empire Dog ClubSan BernardinoCA
Jan-26-2014Golden Gate KC (Benched)Daly CityCA
Jan-25-2014Orange Empire Dog ClubSan BernardinoCA
Jan-25-2014Golden Gate KC (Benched)Daly CityCA
Jan-19-2014Ventura County Dog Fanciers AssociationVenturaCA
Jan-18-2014San Fernando KCVenturaCA
Jan-17-2014Channel City KCVenturaCA
Jan-16-2014Los Encinos KCVenturaCA
Jan-05-2014KC of Palm SpringsIndioCA
Jan-04-2014KC of Palm SpringsIndioCA
Dec-09-2013Malibu KCCosta MesaCA
Dec-08-2013Malibu KCCosta MesaCA
Dec-07-2013Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Of Orange CountyCosta MesaCA
Dec-06-2013Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Of Orange CountyCosta MesaCA
Dec-01-2013Camellia Capital KCWoodlandCA
Nov-30-2013Santa Cruz KCWoodlandCA
Nov-25-2013San Joaquin KCStocktonCA
Nov-24-2013San Joaquin KCStocktonCA
Nov-23-2013Golden Valley KCTurlockCA
Nov-22-2013Golden Valley KCTurlockCA
Nov-10-2013Wine Country KCNapa CA
Nov-09-2013Wine Country KCNapaCA
Nov-03-2013Antelope Valley KCCity of IndustryCA
Nov-02-2013San Gabriel Valley KCCity of IndustryCA
Oct-27-2013KC Of Riverside PerrisCA
Oct-27-2013Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers AssociationDixonCA
Oct-26-2013KC Of Riverside PerrisCA
Oct-26-2013Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers AssociationDixonCA
Oct-20-2013Del Valle Dog Club PleasantonCA
Oct-19-2013Del Valle Dog Club PleasantonCA
Oct-18-2013Skyline Dog Fanciers Of San Mateo CountyPleasantonCA
Oct-06-2013Donner Trail KCRosevilleCA
Oct-05-2013Donner Trail KCRosevilleCA
Sep-29-2013San Luis Obispo KCPaso Robles CA
Sep-28-2013San Luis Obispo KCPaso Robles CA
Sep-22-2013Two Cities KCYuba CityCA
Sep-21-2013Two Cities KCYuba City CA
Sep-15-2013Sir Francis Drake KCVallejoCA
Sep-14-2013Sir Francis Drake KCVallejoCA
Sep-08-2013Redwood Empire KCPetalumaCA
Sep-07-2013Redwood Empire KCPetalumaCA
Sep-01-2013Cabrillo KCValley CenterCA
Sep-01-2013Gold Country KCGrass ValleyCA
Aug-31-2013Cabrillo KCValley Center CA
Aug-31-2013Gold Country KCGrass ValleyCA
Aug-26-2013Conejo KCSanta BarbaraCA
Aug-25-2013Mensona KCSanta RosaCA
Aug-25-2013Santa Barbara KCSanta BarbaraCA
Aug-24-2013Mensona KCSanta RosaCA
Aug-24-2013Santa Barbara KCSanta BarbaraCA
Aug-23-2013Simi Valley KCSanta Barbara CA
Aug-10-2013South Bay KCWilmingtonCA
Aug-04-2013Richmond Dog FCDixonCA
Aug-03-2013Richmond Dog FCDixonCA
Jul-28-2013Lompoc Valley KCLompocCA
Jul-27-2013Lompoc Valley KCLompocCA
Jul-22-2013Sierra-Tuolumne KCStocktonCA
Jul-07-2013Ventura County DFAVentura CASubmit Results
Jul-06-2013Santa Maria KCVenturaCASubmit Results
Jul-05-2013Channel City KCVenturaCASubmit Results
Jun-30-2013Long Beach KCLong BeachCASubmit Results
Jun-30-2013Lost Coast KC Of California (3)FerndaleCA
Jun-29-2013KC Of Beverly HillsLong BeachCA
Jun-29-2013Lost Coast KC Of California (2)FerndaleCA
Jun-28-2013Lost Coast KC Of CaliforniaFerndaleCA
Jun-16-2013Bahia Sur KC Of Chula VistaChula VistaCA
Jun-15-2013Bahia Sur KC Of Chula VistaChula VistaCA
Jun-09-2013Contra Costa County KC (2)VallejoCA
Jun-08-2013Contra Costa County KCVallejoCA
Jun-07-2013Lake County KC Of Northern California (2)VallejoCA
Jun-06-2013Lake County KC Of Northern CaliforniaVallejoCA
Jun-02-2013Shasta KC (2)GridleyCA
Jun-02-2013KC Of Pasadena (2)PasadenaCA
Jun-01-2013KC Of PasadenaPasadenaCA
Jun-01-2013Shasta KCGridleyCA
May-31-2013Butte County KC (2)GridleyCA
May-30-2013Butte County KCGridleyCA
May-27-2013KC Of The California SierraPlacervilleCA
May-27-2013San Gabriel Valley KCPomonaCA
May-26-2013San Fernando KC (2)PomonaCA
May-26-2013Hangtown KC Of Placerville (2)PlacervilleCA
May-25-2013Hangtown KC Of PlacervillePlacervilleCA
May-25-2013Antelope Valley KCPomonaCA
May-24-2013Los Encinos KCPomonaCA
May-19-2013Coyote Hills KC (2)VallejoCA
May-19-2013Mt. Palomar KC (2)Valley CenterCA
May-18-2013Mt. Palomar KCValley CenterCA
May-18-2013Coyote Hills KCVallejoCA
May-12-2013Apple Valley KC (2)VictorvilleCA
May-12-2013Santa Cruz KC (2)WoodlandCA
May-11-2013Camellia Capital KC (2)WoodlandCA
May-11-2013Apple Valley KCVictorvilleCA
May-05-2013Rio Hondo KC (2)PomonaCA
May-05-2013Gavilan KC (2)Tres PinosCA
May-04-2013Rio Hondo KCPomonaCA
May-04-2013Gavilan KCTres PinosCA
Apr-28-2013Lake Mathews KC (2)ChinoCA
Apr-27-2013Lake Mathews KCChinoCA
Apr-21-2013Burbank KC (2)City of IndustryCA
Apr-21-2013Chief Solano KC (2)VallejoCA
Apr-20-2013Burbank KCCity of IndustryCA
Apr-20-2013Chief Solano KCVallejoCA
Apr-19-2013Angeles Canyon Dog Club (2)City of IndustryCA
Apr-18-2013Angeles Canyon Dog ClubCity of IndustryCA
Apr-14-2013Sacramento KC (2)SacramentoCA
Apr-13-2013Sacramento KCSacramentoCA
Apr-07-2013Yosemite KC (2)MercedCA
Apr-06-2013Yosemite KCMercedCA
Mar-31-2013Kern County KC (2)BakersfieldCA
Mar-30-2013Kern County KCBakersfieldCA
Mar-24-2013Oakland KC (2)VallejoCA
Mar-23-2013Oakland KCVallejoCA
Mar-22-2013San Mateo KC (2)VallejoCA
Mar-21-2013San Mateo KCVallejoCA
Mar-17-2013Del Sur KC (2)Valley CenterCA
Mar-16-2013Del Sur KCValley CenterCA
Mar-10-2013Kings KC Of California (2)HanfordCA
Mar-09-2013Kings KC Of CaliforniaHanfordCA
Mar-08-2013Sequoia KC (2)HanfordCA
Mar-07-2013Sequoia KCHanfordCA
Feb-24-2013Silver Bay KC Of San DiegoDel MarCA
Feb-23-2013Silver Bay KC Of San DiegoDel MarCA
Feb-18-2013Santa Clara Valley KC (2)San JoseCA
Feb-17-2013Santa Clara Valley KCSan JoseCA
Feb-03-2013Sun Maid KC Of Fresno (2)FresnoCA
Feb-02-2013Sun Maid KC Of FresnoFresno CA
Jan-27-2013Golden Gate KC (2)Daly CityCA
Jan-27-2013Orange Empire Dog Club (2)San BernardinoCA
Jan-26-2013Orange Empire Dog ClubSan BernardinoCA
Jan-26-2013Golden Gate KCDaly CityCA
Jan-20-2013Ventura County DFAVenturaCA
Jan-19-2013San Fernando KCVenturaCA
Jan-18-2013Channel City KCVenturaCA
Jan-06-2013KC Of Palm Springs (2)Indio CA
Jan-05-2013KC Of Palm SpringsIndioCA
Dec-10-2012Malibu KC (2)Costa MesaCA
Dec-09-2012Malibu KCCosta MesaCA
Dec-09-2012Camellia Capital KCWoodlandCA
Dec-08-2012Santa Cruz KCWoodlandCA
Dec-08-2012Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Of Orange County (2)Costa MesaCA
Dec-07-2012Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Of Orange CountyCosta MesaCA
Nov-26-2012San Joaquin KC (2)StocktonCA
Nov-25-2012San Joaquin KCStocktonCA
Nov-24-2012Golden Valley KC (2)TurlockCA
Nov-23-2012Golden Valley KCTurlockCA
Nov-18-2012San Luis Obispo KC (2)Paso RoblesCA
Nov-17-2012San Luis Obispo KCPaso RoblesCA
Nov-11-2012Wine Country KC (2)NapaCA
Nov-10-2012Wine Country KCNapaCA
Nov-04-2012Antelope Valley KCCity of IndustryCA
Nov-03-2012San Gabriel Valley KCCity of IndustryCA
Oct-28-2012KC of RiversidePerrisCA
Oct-28-2012Sacramento Valley DFADixonCA
Oct-27-2012KC of RiversidePerrisCA
Oct-27-2012Sacramento Valley DFADixonCA
Oct-22-2012Del Valle Dog Club of LivermorePleasantonCA
Oct-21-2012Del Valle Dog Club of LivermorePleasantonCA
Oct-19-2012Skyline DF of San Mateo CountyPleasantonCA
Oct-18-2012Skyline DF Of San Mateo CountyPleasantonCA
Oct-07-2012Donner Trail KC (2)RosevilleCA
Oct-06-2012Donner Trail KcRosevilleCA
Sep-23-2012Two Cities KC (2)Yuba CityCA
Sep-23-2012Santa Ana Valley KC (2)CerritosCA
Sep-22-2012Santa Ana Valley KCCerritosCA
Sep-22-2012Two Cities KCYuba CityCA
Sep-16-2012Sir Francis Drake KC (2)VallejoCA
Sep-15-2012Sir Francis Drake KCVallejoCA
Sep-09-2012Redwood Empire KC (2)PetalumaCA
Sep-08-2012Redwood Empire KCPetalumaCA
Sep-02-2012Cabrillo KC (2)Valley CenterCA
Sep-02-2012Gold Country KC (2)Grass Valley CA
Sep-01-2012Cabrillo KCValley CenterCA
Sep-01-2012Gold Country KCGrass ValleyCA
Aug-27-2012Conejo KCSanta BarbaraCA
Aug-26-2012Mensona KCSanta RosaCA
Aug-26-2012Santa Barbara KCSanta BarbaraCA
Aug-25-2012Mensona KCSanta RosaCA
Aug-25-2012Santa Barbara KCSanta BarbaraCA
Aug-24-2012Simi Valley KCSanta BarbaraCA
Aug-05-2012Richmond DFC (2)DixonCA
Aug-04-2012Richmond DFCDixonCA
Jul-29-2012Lompoc Valley KCLompocCA
Jul-28-2012Lompoc Valley KCLompocCA
Jul-23-2012KC of Salinas (2)StocktonCA
Jul-22-2012KC Of SalinasStocktonCA
Jul-21-2012Sierra-Tuolumne KC (2)StocktonCA
Jul-20-2012Sierra-Tuolumne KCStocktonCA
Jul-15-2012Del Monte KC (2)CarmelCA
Jul-14-2012Del Monte KCCarmelCA
Jul-08-2012Ventura County DFAVentura CA
Jul-07-2012Santa Maria KCVenturaCA
Jul-06-2012Channel City KCVenturaCA
Jul-01-2012Lost Coast KC of California (3)FerndaleCA
Jul-01-2012Long Beach KCLong BeachCA
Jun-30-2012KC Of Beverly HillsLong BeachCA
Jun-30-2012Lost Coast KC of California (2)FerndaleCA
Jun-29-2012Lost Coast KC of CaliforniaFerndaleCA
Jun-17-2012Kings KC of CaliforniaHanfordCA
Jun-17-2012Bahia Sur KC of Chula VistaChula VistaCA
Jun-16-2012Kings KC of CAHanfordCA
Jun-16-2012Bahai Sur KC of Chula VistaChula VistaCA
Jun-15-2012Sequoia KC (2)HanfordCA
Jun-14-2012Sequoia KCHanfordCA
Jun-10-2012Contra Costa KC (2)VallejoCA
Jun-09-2012Contra Costa KCVallejoCA
Jun-08-2012Lake County KC of N. CA (2)VallejoCA
Jun-07-2012Lake County KC of N. CAVallejoCA
Jun-03-2012KC of Pasadena (2)PasadenaCA
Jun-03-2012Shasta Kennel Club (2)GridleyCA
Jun-02-2012Shasta Kennel ClubGridleyCA
Jun-02-2012KC of PasadenaPasadenaCA
Jun-01-2012Butte County KC (2)GridleyCA
May-31-2012Butte County KCGridleyCA
May-28-2012Los Encinos KC (2)PomonaCA
May-28-2012KC of the California SierraPlacervilleCA
May-27-2012Hangtown KC of Placerville CA (2)PlacervilleCA
May-27-2012San Gabriel Valley KCPomonaCA
May-26-2012San Fernando KCPomonaCA
May-26-2012Hangtown KC of Placerville CAPlacervilleCA
May-25-2012Antelope Valley KCCA
May-20-2012Coyote Hills KC (2)VallejoCA
May-20-2012Mt Palomar KC (2)Valley CenterCA
May-19-2012Mt Palomar KCValley CenterCA
May-19-2012Coyote Hills KCVallejoCA
May-13-2012Santa Cruz KC (2)WoodlandCA
May-13-2012Apple Valley KC (2)VictorvilleCA
May-12-2012Apple Valley KCVictorvilleCA
May-12-2012Camellia Capital KCWoodlandCA
May-06-2012Gavilan KC (2)Tres PinosCA
May-06-2012Rio Hondo KCPomonaCA
May-05-2012Gavilan KCTres PinosCA
May-05-2012Rio Hondo KCPomonaCA
Apr-29-2012Lake Mathews KC (2)ChinoCA
Apr-28-2012Lake Mathews KCChinoCA
Apr-22-2012Chief Solano KC (2)VallejoCA
Apr-22-2012Angeles Canyon Dog Club (2)City Of IndustryCA
Apr-21-2012Chief Solano KCVallejoCA
Apr-21-2012Angeles Canyon Dog ClubCity Of IndustryCA
Apr-20-2012Burbank KC (2)City Of IndustryCA
Apr-19-2012Burbank KCCity Of IndustryCA
Apr-15-2012Sacramento KCSacramentoCA
Apr-14-2012Sacramento KCSacramentoCA
Apr-08-2012Yosemite KC (2)MercedCA
Apr-07-2012Yosemite KCMercedCA
Apr-01-2012Kern County KC (2)BakersfieldCA
Mar-31-2012Kern County KCBakersfieldCA
Mar-25-2012Oakland KC (2)VallejoCA
Mar-24-2012Oakland KC VallejoCA
Mar-23-2012San Mateo KC (2)VallejoCA
Mar-22-2012San Mateo KCVallejoCA
Mar-18-2012Del Sur KC (2)Valley CenterCA
Mar-17-2012Del Sur KCValley CenterCA
Feb-26-2012Silver Bay KC of San Diego (2)Del MarCA
Feb-25-2012Silver Bay KC of San DiegoDel MarCA
Feb-20-2012Santa Clara Valley KCSan JoseCA
Feb-19-2012Santa Clara Valley KCSan JoseCA
Feb-05-2012Sun Maid KC of Fresno (2)FresnoCA
Feb-04-2012Sun Maid KC of FresnoFresnoCA
Jan-29-2012Orange Empire Dog Club (2)San BernardinoCA
Jan-29-2012Golden Gate KC (2)Daly CityCA
Jan-28-2012Golden Gate KCDaly CityCA
Jan-28-2012Orange Empire Dog ClubSan BernardinoCA
Jan-22-2012Ventura County DFAVenturaCA
Jan-21-2012San Fernando KCVenturaCA
Jan-08-2012KC of Palm Springs (2)IndioCA
Jan-07-2012KC of Palm SpringsIndioCA