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Kennel Club:Maryland KC
City & State:West Friendship , MD
Show Secretary:MB-F Inc.
Best in Show Judge:M. Alston
Best in Show:GCH Claircreek Impression De Matisse
Best in Show Breed:Portuguese Water Dog
Reserve Best in Show:GCH Tashtins Lookin For Trouble
Reserve Best in Show Breed:Beagle (over 13")
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Sporting Group

Judge: E. Ringle

Group 1st:GCH Windy Hill Dance To The MusicFlat-Coated Retriever
Group 2nd:CH Weymouths En FuegoEnglish Setter
Group 3rd:CH Legacy Random TitleistEnglish Springer Spaniel
Group 4th:GCH Firestar's Go For Broke NA OF OAJ TDGolden Retriever

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Hound Group

Judge: L. Warren

Group 1st:GCH Tashtins Lookin For TroubleBeagle (over 13")
Group 2nd:GCH Sporting Fields ShamelessWhippet
Group 3rd:CH. Raydachs Ride My DucatiWirehaired Dachshund
Group 4th:GCH Flessner's International S'CessBloodhound

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Working Group

Judge: K. McFarlane

Group 1st:GCH Claircreek Impression De MatissePortuguese Water Dog
Group 2nd:CH. Pebbles Run Play It Again HamSamoyed
Group 3rd:GCH CR Wicca's Trade SecretAkita
Group 4th:GCH Skansen's HavannahGiant Schnauzer

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Terrier Group

Judge: S. Goldberg

Group 1st: McVan's To Russia With LoveScottish Terrier
Group 2nd:GCH Yarrow Venerie Ticket to RideNorfolk Terrier
Group 3rd:GCH Shaireab's Bayleigh Maid Of HonorWelsh Terrier
Group 4th:CH Efbe's Thunder Rd At BurberrySealyham Terrier

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Toy Group

Judge: G. Dunlap

Group 1st: Touche's Top Hat And Tails At SamskaraJapanese Chin
Group 2nd:CH. Homestead Zoey of TreyacresBrussels Griffon
Group 3rd:CH. Pastyme’s Ready MixMiniature Pinscher
Group 4th:GCH. Pequest General TsoPekingese

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Non-Sporting Group

Judge: P. Haas

Group 1st: Diva's Bastille My HeartFrench Bulldog
Group 2nd:GCH Spotted Bliss Oreo DelightDalmatian
Group 3rd: Surrey Cherry GarciaMiniature Poodle
Group 4th:GCH. Byrequest A Siren’s SongStandard Poodle

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Herding Group

Judge: A. Cuneo

Group 1st:GCH TK Rocks Running Like The WindAustralian Shepherd
Group 2nd:GCH Devinwood A Perfect StrangerRough Collie
Group 3rd:CH Whisperwood's Wild HorseOld English Sheepdog
Group 4th:GCH Nchanted Silk LiningPembroke Welsh Corgi

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